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Apex to Jebao Cable


- Cat5 cable 2m - Ebay - $1.50
- 5.5mm x 2.1mm Female Power DC plug 5pcs - Ebay - $2
- 2.7k 1/4 watt 5% Carbon Film Resistors  - Ebay - $4
3x0.75 SQMM LED Light Strips 3 Pin Waterproof Connector Cable 5pcs
- Ebay - $12


- Soldering gun
- Heat shrink
- Wire strippers


You can make this cable to run only 1 pump or you can do a dual setup like I did and run 2
pumps with it.  This cable will go from the cat5 VDM port on the Apex to the DC power plug
and the Jebao wavemaker.

First you will want to wire up the Jebao connector to the 2.7k resistors
 and then to the corresponding wire from the cat5 cable







Next connect it to the dc power plug wires. You can follow the wiring diagram above for 1 pump or the diagram below for 2 pumps. You can do that for each jebao connector.  Make sure to solder and heat shrink the connections. 








Once you have the cable built and connected you will have to go into the Apex dashboard and make a
profile for your new VarSpd port that will run your jebao pumps.

Apex-Dual Jebao Cable.jpg
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